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2 Sept 2017  5.7 million year old human footprints found on the island of Crete. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releas…/2017/…/170831134221.htm
     Not surprising to me, based on a study of the bible. But the people who believe in evolution are upset, because it means people like us were around a long time before their models predict.
In Aliens, God and the Bible, I show evidence found for much older footprints in mud and man-made objects found in layers of coal, dating back 300 million years or more.
     The only answer: Adam and Eve were on Earth a lot longer than we imagined before the Fall. Ancient Ones. And their children would be Ancient Aliens compared to us.
7 June 2017  Oldest Homo sapiens fossils discovered in Morocco https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/06/07/oldest-homo-sapiens-fossils-discovered-in-morocco/?utm_term=.7d905c028e8c    Scientists believe the skull they found in a cave represents the oldest Homo sapien ever found--at least 300,000 years old. They believe this person could easily blend in with a modern crowd of people.
     Once again, scientists are baffled by the discovery of ancient humans wandering the earth. These are not near humans, but what we would describe as regular people, who could easily mix in with a modern crowd. In AGB, I talk about how the children of Adam who never left the Garden, are alive and well, and have been for millions of years.
2 JULY 2017  Bob Peak has been reading Aliens, God and the Bible. This morning at church, he brought something to my attention from the book. The furthest distance we can see in the universe is 13.8 billion light years. The size of the New Jerusalem is 1,380 miles. Both 1.380 and factors of 12. What does this mean? It could be that the ship is perfectly designed to operate in the whole universe. Coincidence?

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